5-piece Dough-Joe® Pizza and Baking Stone Set (15″ x 18″)

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  • These are EVEN THICKER THAN OUR ORIGINAL STONES–1 inch vs 3/4″
  • This set consists of five dense 6″ x 9″ x 1″ cordierite stones.  They are made of the most heat shock resistant material available. Their thickness allows them to contain a huge amount of heat
  • FIVE-PIECE set of 6×9-inch tiles allows the flexibility of cooking small items like bread or a large pizza.
  • Weight of the 5-stone set is just under 20 pounds.  Stones may be ground along the edges to add smoothness.
  • Multiple stones are less prone to oven stress breakage than one large stone. They actually do not move around much unless you really strike them hard.
  • DO NOT SEASON. Works perfectly on the grill and small grills benefit with the ability to mix the stones around

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Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 7 in

24 reviews for 5-piece Dough-Joe® Pizza and Baking Stone Set (15″ x 18″)

  1. Mike Mayzak

    I made pizzas on the stones tonight – awesome!

    The first 2 turned out great, the last 3 got darker than I wanted, but still edible. I’ll manage the temperature better on the next go
    round… for me it looks like 450 – 500 is best! Once I got over 500 the crust got finished a little faster than my toppings.

    I will admit, this is the first time i’ve made pizza at home that didn’t ‘droop’ or all the toppings coming off.

    For the price of a dinner out I can make all the pizza I want! Thanks!

    Mike in Yukon, OK

  2. Mary R.

    Glad to see you finally got a website. You should have done that years ago. I wanted to say these pizza stones are the absolute best my husband and I have ever used. We were both skeptical at first because they were in several pieces, but using them made us believers. My husband is the pizza chef and when he put them on the grill and turned the flame to FULL, I said, “They’re gonna break”, but he said you assured him they would not. And he was right. They can really take the heat. We used them grilling all summer and had the best pizzas we’ve ever eaten–right here at home. Thanks Dough-Joe.

  3. Raul Sanchez

    I wasn’t sure I liked the concept but I saw the reviews online and decided to bite. Really glad I bought these. They are the best pizza stones I’ve even owned. Our pizza comes out perfect. They paid for themselves in about three family meals when you consider what we pay going out for pizza.

  4. Wayne Scott

    Simply the best stones I have ever used. They handle high heat better than anything (and I have broken many other brands in the past). These make me feel like I’m cooking in a real brick oven. 550F is my standard temperature (my highest oven setting). I keep the stones on the bottom rack of my oven and they never get moved. I proudly make homemade pizza once per week. I also get GREAT results with artisan breads.

    Wayne from Indiana

  5. Bonnie from Indiana

    Love this product. Quality is great. I use them for pizza and artisan breads. Could not be happier.

  6. Paul Romano

    You have a wonderful product here. The several-piece concept vastly surpassed my expectations and has made pizzas AND BREAD that are better than any we’ve ever made at home. Thanks.

  7. John Chenault

    By FAR the best stones I have ever had for baking bread. I bake a lot of bread and just about every type and they come out perfect. The concept of multiple small stones is brilliant.

  8. Jim S.

    Keep up the good work and great products. These are great.

  9. D. Cohen

    My wife bakes bread 4 or 5 times a week and these fill the bill wonderfully. I would purchase these again and will recommend them to our friends. They are very thick and solid and they retain and distribute the heat as well as I can imagine anything on earth could do.

  10. Connie (Brooklyn)

    Works really nice on bread. Recommended.

  11. Marc

    Excellent results. Followed the instruction and our first pizza on the Dough-Joe turned out better than any of the previous ones we made at home (and trust me, we made plenty). The key for us was that the bottom of the crust turned out perfect. Properly browned with just the right amount of crispiness. Do not hesitate to buy a Dough-Joe.

  12. Eric B.

    I’e had a lot of stones over the years and they all break. This set of stones can take anything, including direct flame (a lot of it too). I don’t think anyone makes a better stone out there. Get this one!

  13. T. Endresen

    These are WAY better than I thought they’d be. They cook great and are really easy to work with. They move around very easily, but only when we want them to; they never move when we put pizza on or take it off like I thought they would. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  14. R.B. (Louisiana)

    These are the bomb. I get perfect pizza and my husband gets great bread. The only bad thing is we argue over who gets to cook. Might need another set.

  15. Mozeb

    Simply awesome.

  16. M. Crebet

    These stones are the best ever for pizza AND bread. I use them for cooking other things to, just get them hot by preheating first. If not cooking on them, use them to control your oven’s temperature cuz this helps too.

  17. Arlin (verified owner)

    PRODUCT IMPRESSIONS (before purchase)
    Reasons I considered this product over others:
    1. Seller is from Small(ish) Town America near where I grew up (all kinds of “small world” stories came up in our email conversation), and I wanted to support that.
    2. Portability — 5 pieces that sit on the oven rack, instead of a round stone.
    3. Thickness — thicker than the 2 round stones we already have, and therefore more likely to hold heat.

    I contacted Joe with some questions before ordering. I though I wanted to buy two sets or a custom quantity to more fully cover my commercial oven rack. Rather than make a bigger sale, he talked me out of it. He was sure one set would be enough, especially considering the physics of heating preheating more stones and the efficient airflow around the rack.

    I ordered just the one set, and it was shipped within minutes and arrived within a normal time. It arrived in plenty of styrofoam package: there was little chance that they could have been damaged in shipping. Five beautiful rectangle baking stones — stamped on one side with his “Dough-Joe” log, and smooth and pristine on the other — are on the bottom rack of my monster oven.

    PRODUCT IMPRESSIONS (after first use)
    Excellent. I had been traveling, so I didn’t get to making pizza (or bread, for that matter) for a week. Last night, I used a recipe from King Arthur Flour ( that I had never tried before. The result from baking on the stones was awesome. I used parchment paper (as recommended by the recipe) directly placed on the stones. The crust underneath had nice brown markings and a nice crunch. The recipe itself makes a “short” crust, not chewy at all: a little like the crusts on the more inexpensive frozen pizzas although much tastier and fresher. It was fine, but I will try other more time-consuming recipes in the future, or our favorite “Lazy Day Pizza” crust that we have used for years.

    Family members raved about the nice golden crunch the crust had, and that praise is due to the pizza stones.

    The price is great, the product is great, the small brick format is great. Go ahead and buy these stones without fear or regret.

    And, by the way, Joe is a great guy. He loves what he does. And he’ll appreciate the business!

  18. Elijah R.

    These are phenomenal. I bake a lot of bread and have used other stones. I’ve bought several on Amazon and now see these are on Amazon too, but none of the others compare. The results I get baking all types of bread are as good as we used to get when I worked at the bakery. Now, I have a GREAT oven, so that helps too, but the other stones were in this oven and still didn’t measure up to these. I like the 5 pieces too. They stack nicely in my cupboard.

  19. Tatiana

    I have had these for over a year now. All I can say is “wow”. The pizzas come out amazing and I am using these stones to bake naan bread and ciabatta as well! Everyone who has tasted pizzas baked on these stones declared that never tasted better pizza! I love the modularity and the large size these stones can accommodate, I never worry about my pizza stretching too much sliding off the pizza peel-it will fit! I preheat in the 500 Degrees oven for 45 min to an hour and reduce the temperature to 450 Degrees when baking. 0 min-and you’ve got perfect pizza, every time!

  20. Juan Rodriguez

    These are great. I bought a set and my pizza AND bread have never been better. I hope you will have these again soon. They seem to be sold out a lot here and on Amazon, and I want a second set.

  21. Joe Papik

    One word AWESOME. Got these for Christmas. I have two ovens in my kitchen each with a different size interior which makes this five piece stone a perfect fit for both. Going to try them on the grill next.

  22. Joe

    Love these stones, I have had them for years. I use them on my gas BBQ with a thick steel plate over the top of them supported by bricks on the outside to create a hot box. They work magic. I also use them in my oven, both my boys grew up making pizza on them. I just wish I can get some more, my boys keep borrowing mine, so they travel well on top of everything else.


  23. Tod G

    I just bought this product and used it almost immediately. I owned a pizzeria years ago and have been making pizza for decades and have never utilized such a great product. Cooked the pizza thoroughly and in minutes.

  24. Tod G

    I just bought this product and used it almost immediately. I owned a pizzeria years ago and have been making pizza for decades and have never utilized such a great product. Cooked the pizza thoroughly and in minutes.

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